Monday, August 17, 2015

The Glory of God is All Over Everything!

I'm trying to exercise regularly (#attemptingtomakeitdaily)

I want to maintain my health. AND I have that little grandson on the way. A fit grandma can have more fun with her grandkids.

I belong to a gym. And I have a bike that I absolutely love. It's easy to ride. It's fast. (not that I ever really want to go very fast) And it's comfortable. So. My favorite exercise is riding my bike.

It's especially fun for me to ride somewhere. And my favorite somewhere to ride to is Gallup Park! At least 3/4 of the ride is designated bike paths. I love it! (One of those wonderful advantages to living in a "green" city.) I know I have written about this ride before. I can't help myself. I have to write about it again!

The final stretch of the journey takes me over a bridge from which I have the following view. Yeah, magnificent.

As I come into the park I enter a path that circumvents a beautiful pond. Below you can see the bike path to the left of the service drive around the pond. I get to ride right next to the water.

Much of the path is paved but some of it is groomed pathways. (woodchips, easy to ride over)

 I cross several lovely wooden bridges...

Sometimes I take a break, sitting on a bench by the water's edge.

Recently the city has added some additional sights along the way, public art, like this model of a Canadian goose. It's large. I was just glad it wasn't real!

And this cute Tiger Salamander...

And this Painted Turtle...

I love the bridges. I love going over them, the views to the right and to the left. I even love the sound of my tires rolling over the wood.

And this piece which is part of the Canoe Imagine Art Project. No, I could not have imagined this use of  retired canoes. But I can imagine that it was a great deal of work. Kind of cool looking.

And then I pass this lovely butterfly and hummingbird garden. So sweet.

The glory of God is all over everything. It really is. And how often do I walk right by without so much as a thank you to the creator of it all. Thank you, Lord. You are so good to us. The beauty of your creation is exquisite.

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