Monday, August 10, 2015

The Engagement Surprise!

Elle was the only one who did not know that Jim was planning to propose to her this year on Mackinac Island.

The trip started with a picturesque ferry ride from Mackinaw City to the Island, passing the Mackinac Bridge along the way. (Longest suspension bridge in this hemisphere. )

No cars are allowed on the island. Horses and bikes are used for transportation. So the first order of business is usually the renting of the bikes.

The plan was for Jim and Elle to separate from the group for a bit.  Jim had planned in advance the exact spot where he wanted to propose.

Little did Elle know that Liz would be among the trees higher up with a camera to capture the event. (This was not the work of a meddlesome little sister. Jim had asked for the pictures.)

Jim went down on one knee as Liz caught the scene with a telephoto lens.

And here they come. I love the mission accomplished look on Jim's face and the I can't believe that just happened look on Elle's.

Shortly after this moment I received a text on my phone that read, "She said yes!"

And we arranged for them to catch up with the rest of us at the ice cream stand on the far side of the island.
Anne greeting her future sister-in-law!
And a hug for Jim.
And my hug for Elle!
And for Jimmy!
And congratulations from Dad.
Mary's face says it all.

Jim with Elle and her future mother and father-in-law.

Elle with her future sisters-in-law.
A celebration dinner on the island!

We secretly told the staff that Elle and Jim had just become engaged.  They brought this lovely piece of cheesecake with Congratulations written on the plate.

Then we were back on the ferry to the mainland.

As they stood at the very front of the ferry, we had to ask for a Titanic pose. I mean, you just have to do that at the front of a boat.

The bridge is so lovely at sunset.

By the time we were back at our cottage, the word was out. This cute sign was on our door.

Pretty exciting day!!! Many thanks to Liz who is not in many of the pictures because she was the one taking them! And to Jonathan, her boyfriend, for helping her out and lending moral support.

Congratulations, Jim and Elle! May God bless you both, now and all the days of your life together.

(Well done, Jim!!!!)


Mimi said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting.

Rosemary said...

Thank you, Mimi. It WAS exciting. A fund day!