Thursday, April 16, 2015

Small Success Thursday--Things to Make Time For

Well... on a lighter note.....

Today is Small Success Thursday over at

What are my "small successes" this week?

I have been going to a gym.  This is not like me.  I really don't enjoy exercise.  I enjoy reading and writing and my favorite place to do these things is on my bed, where I am right now.

But I realize that I need to be strong and healthy to enjoy my life, and I do want to enjoy my life.

So I've been exercising at the gym.  Quite regularly, I must say.

This past week I even attended several of the free exercise classes.  I started with a class that didn't sound TOO challenging.  I was wrong.  It was quite challenging.  I kept looking at the other older participants, but nobody seemed to want to look at me and exchange mutual eye rolling.

We needed a stability ball, 3 sets of dumbbells, a foam roller, and an exercise mat.  What a relief it was when we finally laid down on the mats.  I had taken my hair out of a ponytail, because it's hard to lay back on a ponytail.  I forgot that my hair has gotten quite long.  As per the instructions of the teacher, my legs were stretched into a pretzel position when I realized I could not raise my head, having pinned it to the floor by lying on my hair.  I tried to roll a little to the side but the leg pretzel prevented that.  Sheesh.  I guess this is the kind of thing fitness gurus think of before they lie down.

Finally the legs were undone and we were told to put the foam roller under our necks to stretch them.  I thought, oh, this is going to feel good, leaning back onto the roller.  The little foam log slipped on my hair and rolled toward the other people on their mats, all ready to relax.  I had to jump up and chase it maybe ten feet further into the room.

A little embarrassing.  But I had the presence of mind to remind myself that I was not there to impress anyone, and I WAS getting exercise.

The small success?  I even tried another class this week!

And tonight I will be seeing a wonderful musical production of "The Music Man" with my daughter Mary.

There are some things we really must make time for.


Anonymous said...

Hahah I know I am a little behind, but I have to comment anyway because your foam roller story is just so funny, and I know exactly how you feel! I like to go to this "ballet boot camp" strength training class at the rec center at school, and we use these little exercise balls. I am constantly chasing mine around the room, and I just can't figure out how everyone else manages to keep track of theirs! O.o lol such is life--I keep going regardless!
<3 Kelsey

Rosemary said...

Kelsey, that is too funny. Needless to say, I know just what you mean. "Ballet Boot Camp?" The name alone would scare me. I guess the key it so keep going, huh? Good to hear from you.