Thursday, February 05, 2015

Leelo to the Zoo- A CHildren's Book

Gaetane Montreuil has written a sweet children's book about a little angel who lives in a kingdom in the sky.  Leelo had visited a little boy on Earth named Marco and had positively effected his life. Marco longs for Leelo's return.

The second in a series of books, this is the story of Leelo's return to visit Marco.

While perhaps theologically confusing to Catholic children, this book could be taken simply as the fanciful tale that it is.  Its bold and colorful illustrations and talking animals will appeal to many.  And all will appreciate its valuable lessons of kindness to children and to animals.

Illustrated by Simon Goodway and published by Clink Street, this book can be found at Amazon or other retailers for $14.99.

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