Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ordinary Time....

It’s Ordinary Time.  Again.  How the quickly the seasons fly by.  The older I get, the faster they fly.  Once you reach a certain age you realize this is true.  There is indeed a perception that time is passing faster.  As alarming as this may be, it also brings a profound realization that every moment matters. 
My friend with 11 children once said to me after the end of the Christmas season, “I love Ordinary Time.”  I laughed and completely understood as she explained how she loved the peaceful passing of ordinary days.  Yes, our celebrations are wonderful, but so is the quiet of the ordinary day.
I remember my dear sister-in-law Linda when she was very ill.  Fighting for her life with cancer, Linda had for some time been bed-ridden.  After a grueling but necessary surgery, she was able to walk again.  We were talking on the phone.  I said, “Linda, how’s it going?  How are you feeling?”  She answered, “I’m wiping my kitchen counter so it will be nice for my family.  And it’s filling me with so much joy that I am crying.”  I replied, “Oh Linda,” and began to cry myself.

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