Friday, October 31, 2014

"War on Women" is Profoundly Sexist Narrative.

The whole democratic "war on women" theme is profoundly insulting to women.  I'm sorry.  I find it incredible that the idea ever gained any steam at all.  It was just so ridiculous.

In the minds of those who are using this theme, the big issue for women is avoiding pregnancy and having other people pay for whatever method is used for that end.

Seriously?  That's what's most important to women?  The avoidance (and, apparently at no cost!) of the very potentiality that gives a woman her most sacred biological dignity?

Those who are advancing this narrative could rightly be questioned about their own attitudes toward women.  Are women so incapable of understanding constitutional issues that they can't see the First Amendment violation in forcing Catholic groups to finance things that contradict the church's teachings?  Are women all about sexual freedom without consequences?  Or would that be what some democratic men are all about.

A war on women??  Seriously?  Does this not minimize the horror of what war really is?  Not having birth control paid for is war?

I suppose women can't really understand that our country is threatened by an actual war.  They probably shouldn't worry their pretty little heads about terrorism in this country and abroad.  They probably could not really put the two and two together that the economy, candidates' personal integrity and sensible and strong foreign and domestic policy might be just a little more important.

No.  It's all about not having to pay the $30.00 or so to make sure they can have sex without getting pregnant.  That's what the democratic party thinks is so important to women that they would put the issue in the same category as war.

It's not unemployment.  Not the erosion of religious freedom.  Not the dissing of our important allies. Not the release of gitmo prisoners to go back to fight against us.  Not an administration repeatedly lying to the American people.

No.  Democrats who campaign on this issue think women care the very most about not having to pay for birth control.  They have profoundly insulted all women by taking this position.  It's sexism, pure and simple, and should be revealed for what it is.

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