Monday, September 15, 2014

I hate my new smart phone....

Today is my first full day of owning a smart phone.  I didn't want a smart phone.  My family pressured me into it.

It's a very cute phone.  I'll give it that.

The Apple employees are all so kind and enthusiastic.  I wanted to love the phone from the start.  But I just didn't.  I'm not a techy person.  I see people using their smart phones to write things down and to keep a calendar and I think, "No thank you.  I have a Franklin Planner and it's easier and faster to use than typing into a device with two fingers."  When I first bought my MacBook Pro and I was having "one-to-one" sessions at the Apple store I couldn't remember my Apple ID, but I did have my planner with me.  The Apple guy said, "Oh, I can look it up for you," and he proceeded to do just that.  In a second or two I had flipped open the planner to my Apple ID and told him, "I've got it."  He looked up amazed that I had found it faster than he could on the super fast Apple desktops in the store.   The young always assume that newer techier versions of things are more efficient. (I know, they're usually right.)

The young Apple employees showed me a few things the phone could do, including the feature where you can ask it a question and it talks to you.  They clearly loved that feature.  I thought it creepy.  They said "You're going to love this phone."  I resisted the urge to say, "I already hate it."

And that was before I went to Mass this morning and tried to turn the sound off.  I managed to find the little slide thing and moved the volume to as low as it could go.  But I wasn't sure if that meant it was silent or just very low.  I missed the very clear message on my old phone. "All sounds off."  So, I thought, OK, I'll just turn the whole thing off.  Guess what?  The button on the front face that looks the most like a power button is not the power button.  I could not turn the stupid thing off!!!  (I know all you young people are laughing.  Not to worry.  I've found the button on the top now.)

Yes, I guess it's smart.  But was it so smart when it took all my contacts on my old phone which were organized by first names with a last initial so that now the last initial is listed as the first name and the order of my contacts are all messed up and have to be reentered?

There was nothing very complicated about my old phone. that I think about it, I guess I didn't always feel that way.  It took me a while to learn to adjust the sound, to use my thumbs on the keyboard to text, to save a contact, etc...

And even as recently as yesterday I did mix up the workings of the function key vs. the shift key.

I guess I must just recognize that all things new, especially newer technological items, have a learning curve.  Maybe I will love this new cute thing someday.  But, just for today, I'm going to adopt a bad attitude and hate it.  Just for today.  Or maybe until I attend the Apple workshop on how to use it.  I will do that.  I will.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Mrs. B! I hated my iPhone when I first got it. You'll get use to the change and hopefully that will make it a little better!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Two days have gone by and I already like it better, Elle! Thanks for the encouragement.