Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Headache Day

Woke up with a headache this morning.  Since I stopped eating gluten this doesn't happen nearly as  often as it used to.

Still, I'm sure it's because for four days in a row I ate something I know my body does not like.  No, it was not alcohol, although my body does not like that either.  It was dairy products.  OK, specifically, it was ice cream.  Really good ice cream.  Haagen Dazs vanilla over which I poured Smuckers Magic Shell.  It was delicious.  All four times.

I thought I was getting away with it until today.  My digestive track is so restored by my elimination of gluten, there are things I can now eat that caused trouble before, dairy products being one of them.

So, headache today but the good news is that I can at least have ice cream sometimes, just maybe not four days in a row... My body will enforce the moderation.

Any Shell fans out there?  Look at this Whole foods link I found with a recipe for homemade shell topping.

I want to try this.  Three ingredients, including all the benefits of coconut oil.  And the big benefit of not having to wonder if you're consuming some kind of petroleum product.  LOL  Truthfully, the Smuckers Shell has very recognizable ingredients and I consider it a good product.

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