Tuesday, April 22, 2014

He is risen!!!  

We had a wonderful Easter as I hope you did too.

Easter dinner included four of my six children, and Elle, Jim's girlfriend as well.  Of course, John was not able to come home from London.  Nor could Anne and Zach make it from Atlanta.  We missed them!!  But the table was pretty full, Jim having flown in from Dallas and Mike in town from South Bend!  Not bad!

We had the annual Easter Egg hunt, even though nearly all the kids are now adults.  I give them the choice of helping to hide the eggs or hunting for them.  So far, every year they all choose to hunt them.  The gold egg is the "Alleluia Egg" and when it's found the lucky seeker is supposed to shout, "Alleluia!"

This very sought after egg usually contains, oh, twenty dollars or so.  (Occasionally I have insanely put more in there.)  Could this be the reason my grown up children still enjoy the hunt?  Hmmmm.  Liz (the youngest) found it.

Elle found the companion silver egg, which usually contains a lesser amount of money.  (Elle might have found the "Alleluia Egg" too, but I think she was holding back, not wanting to find them both.  I told her that was unnecessary and that's it's every seeker for himself....still, I think she did not want to find them both.  Actually, that's what she said.)

Starting with the magnificent Easter Vigil at Christ the King Catholic Church in Ann Arbor, it was a very Spirit-filled and blessed Easter.

Hope yours was the same!!!


Denise Hunnell said...

What a lovely Easter! I love the Alleluia egg idea! I had never heard that one. We were missing a few knees under the table at Easter dinner as well, but I had two of children join us for Mass. My daughter and her husband went on their own to Mass near their home then joined us for dinner. Missing our son and his family who are in Fairbanks, AK. Easter blessings to you and your family!

Suzanne McConnell said...

You are so cool! I am totally going to do this with even old people next year! ;)

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Easter Blessings to you and tours too, Denise. And I love the expression"We were missing a few knees under the table. " Nice. Yes, we must appreciate whoever can come now, right?

Suzanne, yes, I really like it too. The kids still seem to enjoy it. I spend days trying to think of a hard place to hide the "Alleluia Egg," since none of the seekers are little. We have to make it a challenge, you know. But just so they don't tear everything apart we do say that it must be at least partially visible from some angle, without opening anything. This year it was hidden in a flower pot, mostly buried under the dirt with just a tiny bit showing. Once we hid it in the bathroom waste basket under stuff with just a gold speck visible if you were really looking. That year it took about a half hour to find it. LOL It's fun.

Heather Grace said...

I liked the idea of hiding $20 in the golden egg. I bet that makes the Easter egg hunt a little more exciting. I think I might borrow that idea myself. Thanks.