Saturday, February 01, 2014

Weather here in Michigan had reminded me of the following Thomas Hardy Poem from Your Daily Poem.

Snow in the Suburbs
Thomas Hardy
Every branch big with it,
Bent every twig with it;
Every fork like a white web-foot;
Every street and pavement mute:
Some flakes have lost their way, and grope back upward when
Meeting those meandering down they turn and descend again.
The palings are glued together like a wall,
And there is no waft of wind with the fleecy fall.

A sparrow enters the tree,
Whereon immediately
A snow-lump thrice his own slight size
Descends on him and showers his head and eye
And overturns him,
And near inurns him,
And lights on a nether twig, when its brush
Starts off a volley of other lodging lumps with a rush.

The steps are a blanched slope,
Up which, with feeble hope,
A black cat comes, wide-eyed and thin;
And we take him in.

The snow has just kept coming.  We are getting several more inches today, combined with freezing rain.  I'm trying to be positive.  The more arduous the winter the more glorious the arrival of Spring.  How's that?  And this winter is not without its beautiful moments.

The little finches are coming to the finch feeder.  So sweet.

Views of cold, crisp sunrises from my bedroom window.

A cardinal feeding in my back yard bird feeder.  See the little red spot?  So beautiful against the black and white backdrop.

And the snow itself has a beauty all its own.  (Not to mention the satisfaction of seeing one's sidewalk all shoveled!!

God is good.  All the time.  And I will praise him for the glorious beauty of winter (and ignore the grumblings in my heart.  :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow! You did get a lot of snow! Very pretty

Rosemary Bogdan said...

It just keep coming, Anne! It's kind of cool really. (Since it doesn't really cripple us for long. :-)