Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's SO cold here!!  This morning it was 5 below zero.  Now, that's just too cold.  I like living in Michigan.  I enjoy the four seasons.  I even enjoy winter and I love snow.  The photo below was taken a few weeks ago.  We have quite a bit more snow now.

But sub zero temperatures are just hard to endure.  I have warm clothes.  We know how to dress and be comfortable here in the North.   But it gets to a point where the cold just penetrates whatever you're wearing.

Last night I took our dog for a walk, even though it was several degrees below zero.  She hadn't been out enough because of the weather.  I thought as long as I keep moving quickly and bundle up well, I'll be OK.  Well.  I have a knee length down coat.  But as soon as I shut the door behind me I could feel the cold starting to penetrate that coat.  It wasn't cutting yet.  But there was a coolness next to my skin that I never feel with that coat on.  From the knees down, the parts not covered by the coat, my legs immediately started to sting.  I had my collar pulled up over my nose which fogged my glasses.   Within minutes the cold had penetrated my best insulated mittens and my hands started to sting.

Needless to say we walked very quickly.  We did get in about a ten minute walk and the twilight was very, very beautiful and quiet.  (Who else in their right mind would be out in those temperatures. :-)

I do love Michigan but I"m longing for those balmy temperatures in the high twenties.  teehee

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