Monday, April 22, 2013

This Wall Street Journal article, "From Roe to Gosnell," from April 19 is excellent.  It's long and it isn't even written by someone who is pro-life.  But it is written honestly and logically and really gets to the point about the abortion issue.  The link is here.

The print version was entitled, "Back-Alley Abortion Never Ended."  The online version is longer and contains more information.

Both versions detailed the following shocking information;

  On Mothers' Day in 1972 (Mothers' Day!!!) 15 poor women were bused from Chicago to Philadelphia for abortions.

The women did not know that they were going to be given abortions using an experimental device that had only previously been used on Bangladesh rape victims and had been invented by a man with no medical training.

THEY WERE USED ON BANGLADESH RAPE VICTIMS (a device never before tried on anyone) UNDER THE SPONSORSHIP OF THE INTERNATIONAL PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION!!!!!  (The article does not say whether the IPPF was ever held accountable for this.)

OK.  Nine of the Fifteen women who had these experimental abortions in 1973 had serious complications.  One needed a hysterectomy.

Can you guess who the doctor was??  It was GOSNELL!!  That was 1973!! (And Mothers' Day, no less)  He continued to do abortions, EVEN AFTER THAT for 37 more years!!!

I hope you'll read the whole article.  It also details why the media has scarcely covered this issue.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mrs. Bogdan! That was the first article I read that considered the political environment instead of simply becoming more and more terrifying by the end! (Not that the situation isn't scary...)
<3 Kelsey

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Glad you read it, Kelsey. Yes, the political situation seems to be changing. I am feeling hopeful.