Monday, March 04, 2013

One of my sons is studying in London.  I was genuinely very happy for him when he was admitted to a very competitive graduate program in his field.  It was his dream school.

What I don't like is that there is an entire ocean between his home and his school.  It's so far away!!!

It's tough for a mom to be so far from a child, even an adult child.  But such is life.  The world is much smaller than it once was and they are called to go many and diverse places.

That's why it  was with such delight that I had the opportunity recently to talk to my son on the phone for what turned out to be a rather extended period of time.  :-)  It wasn't intended to be an extended period of time.  But when there is an ocean between you and your son who is not usually particularly talkative it is not in the nature of a mother to keep an eye on the clock.

The same day I had this wonderful phone conversation, a very dear friend of mine who had not known about the phone call gave me this candle, knowing it would make me smile and think of my son so far away.

My husband, who knew about the extended phone call quipped that perhaps the candle was misnamed, in my case.  It should be titled "Calling London!"


Mimi said...

Ha! Your husband cracked me up.
That scent sounds wonderful and prayers.

Mary said...

That is an amazing "coincidence". And Mike, you crack me up! Love to All the Bogdans =)

Erin Pascal said...

I can absolutely relate to this. I grew up with my mom working abroad and every phone call is a very special moment. It always end up in an "extended" period of time because of all the catching up. Thanks for sharing this story. Btw, you have a very thoughtful friend. :)

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Thanks, Mimi. The scent IS wonderful and it does smell just like tea with lemon. Love it.

Mary, Love to all of you too!

Erin, Yes, you understand. And you are right. She is a thoughtful friend. She bought me this candle as a thank you gift for bringing her a simple meal while SHE is on chemo! To think about others at a time like that... well, it does take a special friend.