Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Adopt a Cardinal!!!

It's a strange feeling for a Catholic to not have a pope, isn't it?

As some of you know, my family took a trip to Rome last Easter and we were blessed to see His Holiness Benedict XVI several times.  He always had such a kind, gentle expression on his face.  We fell in love with him.

So it was with great sadness that we learned of his resignation.  Still, God always has a plan and, as my son pointed out to me, it is also very exciting to see what God has in mind next.

Yes, the Holy Spirit guides the church and certainly, in particular, He guides the papal conclave.  Still, the cardinals are human beings and we must pray that they discern the Lord's will and vote accordingly.  I'm sure the spiritual battle over the selection of a new pope must be enormous.

So....with that in mind, may I suggest to you all that you do as 274,863 others have done and "adopt a cardinal" to pray for her.  You go to the following site:


They assign you your cardinal.  I presume the "adoptions" are spread out evenly.  Just think!  You may be praying for the next pope.  My cardinal is Paolo Romeo.  I believe he is 76 years old and the archbishop of Palermo, Italy.  I pray every day for all the cardinals and for Cardinal Paolo Romeo in particular.

I love that nearly 275,000 people have already signed up to do this.  The cardinals need our support.  Think of the little decisions in your life that seem really important.  Then think of the stress these cardinals must be under to vote as the Lord desires!  May God reveal to them His will!!

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