Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Random Stuff...

My son John's luggage is still lost somewhere in London or Frankfort.  It's been 5 days now.

Good St. Anthony come around, please let John's luggage be found!

I've been having an interesting dialogue on Facebook with my brother about politics.  I may bring some of that dialogue here.

Saw the movie 2016 last week.  I found it a very thoughtful, factual movie.  I'd be interested in what others who have seen it thought.

My girls have gone back to high school.  I have a junior and senior this year.  How did this happen?  You mean in two years all of my children will be out of high school??  That's crazy.

Jim is back at University of Dallas.  We're back down to only two children living at home.

The above photo is of my three girls-- Liz, Anne, and Mary at Sam and Vanessa's wedding.  Sam is Zach's brother.  It was a really fun wedding!!  We love Zach's family.

Great fun at Uncle Mike and Aunt Brenda's the following day.

On a completely different note....some have asked if we're thinking about getting another dog.  Of course, I am.   But we're not ready yet....


Mimi said...

Prayers that his luggage shows up soon.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Thank you so much, Mimi!