Friday, May 18, 2012

Obama described as having been born in Kenya???

OK.  What is this about....I must admit that I for some time have just assumed that there was really no issue about Obama's citizenship, the the birthers were nuts and coming from who knows where...

But what are we to make of this, published today on and referenced on the Drudge Report. Check out the entire article here.  And while you're at it I'd suggest taking a look at the other articles Drudge has linked on the same subject.

While this does not prove that Obama was not eligible for the presidency, I think it does show irrefutably that he did present himself as having been born in Kenya.  Perhaps that was the dishonesty.....  If he was born in Kenya, I believe he would not be eligible for the presidency although he would still be an American citizen because his mother was an American.  If born outside the United States both of one's parents must be Americans in order to be eligible to run for president, according to

But something certainly does not add up.

Why would Obama's literary agent use a brochure up until 2007 that describes him as Kenyan born?

Is it reasonable to think that Obama never looked at what his literary agent had written for his bio?  If he had looked at it even once would he not have noticed that his birthplace was listed incorrectly?  Would someone with political aspirations not read his own bio?

Would a literary agent actually mess up in a publication of an author's bio a fact so significant as his birthplace?????

Am I overreacting?  This seems huge to me.

Someone tell me if I'm missing something.....