Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More on Rome...

I think I have not been writing that much about Rome because we were so busy while there and since we've been back I am still basking in the joy of having been there and still overwhelmed by the memory of all we saw. So instead of a coherent and logical description of what we did when I am just going to post a little here and there....

OK. This is the Holy Father at the Chrism Mass at St. Peter's Basilica on Holy Thursday. There was a very kind Sister of Charity sitting next to me and closer to the aisle who urged me to come closer and helped me to get a good view. She asked for my prayers and I said I would pray for her, but now I can't remember her name which was a little unusual. Please pray for the gentle, sweet sister who helped me to get this photo of the Holy Father.

Saint Peter's Basilica. We were given a fantastic tour of St. Peter's Basilica by Brother Mark Thelen, a friend of my son's and the son of a friend of mine. It was so Christ centered, so spiritual, so focused on the church. Mark is a seminarian studying to be a priest of the Legionaries of Christ. Could I ask for prayers for him as well? Such an impressive young man. Just the kind of man we need in the priesthood.

The 95 foot tall bronze baldachino designed by Bernini. And the dome towers over the baldachino. Are you getting a sense of the size? It's monumental!

The Pieta....this is where I prayed for the special intentions of a blogging friend of mine. It is such an awe-inspiring sculpture. Brother Mark explained that this was Michelangelo's first work. His FIRST WORK!!! He was only 25 when he finished it. It is the only work that Michelangelo signed. And look at how the legs of Jesus are not really limp against Mary. It is almost as though they are floating a little above, almost a prefigurement of the impending Resurrection.
Here is Brother Mark with Mike and me, Mary and Liz, and Mike.

The Trevi Fountain at night. This very beautiful fountain is still powered by the aquaducts!!

Mary and Liz throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain which legend says ensures you a trip back to Rome!!! Hope it's true!!
My sister...also hoping for a return trip to Rome!!!
More on Rome soon.....


Mimi said...

What a blessing!

Unknown said...

Ididn't know your sister went! this gets better and better!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your pictures of Rome. My husband and I are on a journey with the Catholic church. It feels like we are being called home to this place. I hope you get to go back. We are hoping we get to go one day too.


Maryellen said...

What a wonderful trip for you and the family!
You got some really good photos taken and your captions are so helpful. I'm not through looking and will come back.

I'll try one more time. Ican't seem to match the capcha.