Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tired tonight. Did all my knee exercises from physical therapy. Even lifted some free weights.

Can't believe the summer is almost over. But it's not over YET! I have to stop thinking like that because we actually have more than one more week before school starts. Then, for the first time in about 15 years, I will not be driving anyone to school every day. Mary has her license. We have an extra car. And for the second year now both of my minor children are in the same school. Mary will drive Liz. I guess I may be doing some picking up, when their after school schedules are different. Still, it's going to open up more time for me.

Hope to do something fun with the family this weekend since Jim will be leaving the following Saturday. Maybe Greenfield Village. Maybe the Ford Museum. Maybe some sand dunes. We'll see what Jim feels like.

Well, prayers for all the intentions of my online friends! God bless.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trip to Notre Dame and Back

Had the distinct pleasure today of driving my oldest son Mike back to South Bend. Above is a photo of the Basilica at Notre Dame, which was looking especially beautiful.

We went right to the Grotto, one of my favorite places, said the rosary, and then promptly ran into old friend Joe O. It was one of those "coincidences" that make the world seem small.

Then we had dinner at Reckers, a place we often visited when Mike was a student there. He mentioned that next year there will be a five year reunion of his graduating class. FIVE YEARS?!?! I'm sorry. I just don't believe that.

Then I took Mike home. He gave me a tour of his new living situation and I headed back home.

It's about a three hour drive. But it was very peaceful. Good times.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Republican Presidential Debate

Just finished watching the Republican debate. As you probably know, for some reason, I really enjoy politics. Here is my reaction:

Rick Santorum-- Wow. Great prolife candidate. He has very strong moral values. Sometimes seems a little defensive and I think that makes him look weak. I wish he'd talk less about his credentials (which are impressive) and more about the country. He's so articulate and intelligent. He looks the best when he's talking about his ideas.

Herman Cain-- I like his common sense ideas, his good natured manner, and his business experience. Seems like a good man.

Michelle Bachmann-- I think she really demonstrated how intelligent, principled, and charming she is. I like her. I think she could actually win this.

Ron Paul-- I like a lot of his ideas. His extreme anti-military positions are troubling.

Pawlenty-- Unimpressive. Seemed to be picking on Bachmann.

Romney-- Was impressive in the specificity of his ideas. He's OK. For some reason, I find him kind of bland.

Newt Gingrich-- This guy is nothing if not brilliant. He has such impressive experience. I just wish he could stop appearing as though he finds the general public tiresome in their stupidity. He doesn't really seem to want the Presidency much-- more like he's doing us a favor by running. I think he could really take off as a candidate if he could demonstrate some humility and affection for ordinary, non-elitist Americans.

OK. Thanks for indulging me. I needed to talk about this :-) Any opinions any of you would like to share? I include in that invitation those who might be thinking, "I'm not going to vote for any of them." :-)

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Their One Year Anniversary!

A year ago today my daughter Anne married Zach! Zach is a fine man and a great son-in-law. He came into the Catholic Church a few years before the wedding, not because of any pressure from Anne, but because he loves the Lord and took the time to find out what the Catholic Church is all about. It was a courageous move on his part. He comes from an evangelical Protestant family and community that was not at all pleased with his decision. Zach recognizes the truth when he sees it. And you know what? The family and friends from his former church all came to the wedding.

It was a very, very fun day and we were pleased to welcome Zach into our family.
He loves my daughter a lot.

And these sunflowers by our church were in full bloom the day of the wedding making a perfect setting for photos....

Zach is very funny. I love how he can make my daughter laugh. Actually, Zach can make anybody laugh. He has a very almost quirky sense of humor that can take you completely off guard. And while you're howling about what he just said he'll throw in another line that magnifies the humor of the first. Then-- he'll add another joke and pretty soon you can't even breathe. He is very fun to have at family gatherings.
And since he's a proud Catholic convert, ardently pro-life, and generous and kind to all....well, you can see why I call him my favorite son-in-law. (OK. He's my only son-in-law. But he will always be among the favorites :-)
Happy Anniversary, Zach and Anne!!!!!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

I am so, so tired. but if I never write when I'm tired I'm apt to never write because I'm tired quite a bit, to be honest.

Went to a beautiful wedding today. Sarah and David-- two great Catholics. It was lovely. I love Sarah. She helped me drive out to New York once to pick up Mike. She was great company and I so enjoyed spending all that time talking and getting to know her. She's one smart, good woman and I'm happy she has married a very good man.

Liz has left for camp for a week. Monday is her birthday but we celebrated it on Friday.

Tomorrow is Zach and Anne's first wedding anniversary. We were having so much fun one year ago!!!! They went away for the weekend to celebrate.

My kitchen table is a mess. I'm sitting here looking at it and wondering why I don't just CLEAR THIS STUFF OFF. But I'm too tired.

Off to bed.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

People Talking!

The other night, for no apparent reason, our power went out. There was no storm, no wind. We still don't know what was the reason.

My husband Mike and I started to take the dog out for a walk. Our neighbor, who is a bus driver, came home just as we were leaving. He told us that all the lights on this side of town were out. Even told us the intersection where the outage began.

We continued on our walk. Every neighbor we passed made eye contact and then started to talk. "Do you have power?" And then the conversation would continue, each person sharing what information they had.

We went to Meijer to buy some dry ice for the freezer. Sure enough, there were a few people approaching the ice boxes. We all looked at each other questioningly. Yup. Each one had no power. As Mike and another man pulled out bagged blocks of dry ice someone noticed that the price was per pound....and the bag felt a lot heavier than a pound. As we went through the you-scan line Mike turned around and confirmed for the other man. "Yup. It's fifteen dollars." The man smiled and nodded. Just as he had thought.

I said to Mike, "People are talking to each other." It was so pleasant. There was a feeling of camaraderie. We were all in this together. We were verbally linking arms. Neighbors talking to neighbors. Customers talking to customers. This is valuable. This is good. Talking to those we don't know well, or maybe even don't know at all, is a way of expressing Christian charity. It's a little thing perhaps. A smile. A kind word. It's a way of providing just a little bit of heart warmth to another. A way of recognizing Jesus in another.

With pillar candles left over from Anne's wedding lit in all the rooms on the main floor, the power came back on at about 11:00 PM. It was a relief. And it was a blessing to have had the gears of normal life shifted just a little bit.