Friday, April 08, 2011

Beach Photos

Our family really enjoys the beach. There's just something about the salt water, the waves, the whitecaps. It's so dripping with the glory of God that His peace just feels all over it.

So we mostly spend our time in Florida on the beach.

Because my oldest daughter was able to rearrange her work schedule we were able to pick her up in Georgia and bring her with us! Such a joy because we all miss her so much. And my younger daughters have so much fun with her. I think the three of them spend probably half their time together laughing. I can't even keep up with the jokes.

We stopped at this little restaurant right across from the beach. Delicious food. Nice people.

And you can sit outside! Just where we want to be in Florida.
More photos soon.....:-)

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Hi said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures Rose! Everyone looks so happy =)