Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It almost seems like the perennial plants in Michigan feel just as we do when the weather starts to get even just a little bit warmer.

If the temperature gets up to the forties the kids declare, "It's Spring!" They refuse to wear anything but a light sweatshirt outside..."Mom, it's WARM out!" If it gets into the fifties they don't want to wear a coat at all. "Mom, it's SOO WARM!!!"

The plants seem to do the same thing. Just a couple warm days and they are popping up shouting for joy, "It's Spring!" I want to say, "Not so fast. You're going to get smacked down!" It happens every year.

Here are my beloved hostas just dying to greet the sunlight again...

And wouldn't you know. Today we have a winter weather advisory. Freezing rain and sleet, possibly some snow accumulation. Teehee. Oh well. They'll survive. They always do. I'm sure it's a little bit of a shock for them. But they can handle it. Just like the kids :-).

Now this plant I bought at the Farmers' Market. They're winter pansies. I just had to have some blooming flowers. And you know what? These babies can freeze solid and still survive. You don't even have to bring them in. Now that's a flower for Michigan. I love it. I bought two of them. Two for ten dollars. I thought that was a bargain for a blooming potted plant that doesn't need me to remember if there's going to be a freeze, which will happen quite frequently in March.

Spring Blessings!!