Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I enjoy the four seasons of Michigan. I do. And I even enjoy the snow.

But when March comes along I have to say it starts to get a little old. I get tired of being so cold, so often. And because this year we have had quite a bit of snow, it's been rather hard sometimes to walk Lucky through the neighborhood. Some of the sidewalks are not cleared and now that we've had some above freezing temperatures, we have the frozen bumps and ice puddles of slush that refreeze and make for a hard, uneven, and unpredictable surface.

But, with March, the snow starts to melt off the roof. Some times during the day there are actually puddles on the sidewalk that have WATER in them, rather than ice.....but they usually refreeze before they completely evaporate and then we have very slick spots on the sidewalk. I don't dare wear my Merrells, the shoes I was wearing last year when I actually slipped and fell to the pavement THREE times while walking around the block.

But I'm just fine in my boots with the good tread.
The driveway is looking like this. At least we can see some pavement. But there is ice and crunchy, frozen slush to walk over.

In like a lion, out like a lamb, as they say about March. I'm ready. The sun is shining brightly today and the snow is gorgeous, sparkling in the sun. It's on its way out, I know. I'm enjoying it while I can and also wishing it farewell. I'm looking at my flower beds and thinking about what I'm going to plant. It's time.

Stay warm.


Suzanne said...

Me too, Rosemary and I'm walking away some pounds now so it won't be so hard to rake and bend over, etc. LOL! There is nothing like going out to work in the yard after winter and you're breathless and outta shape. I thought I'd try really hard to behave myself. So far its a week and I've done pretty good.

Lynz said...

We have less snow here in Utah. It's kind of nice. We're all starting our seeds and hoping have dreams of planting them in tow months.

Jennifer Samountry said...

It really makes us treasure spring. Just like the "winters" of life make us appreciate the good times.

Ebeth said...

Being a transplanted Upstate New Yorker and living in the south for the past 30 some years, I just can't get enough of the snow! Enjoy the white stuff!


Rosemary Bogdan said...

Jennifer, yes, that's true. It makes us more appreciative and I think it also builds endurance.