Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!

Well, we did get about nine inches of snow mixed with freezing rain....

I did get stuck briefly getting out of my driveway. And I would have gotten stuck in my neighborhood if a plow had not come through and at least cleared one car width of space....But that was Sunday night, although we did get a little bit more last night.

This morning I did put the news on briefly thinking maybe there would be some school closings.

But boy were we surprised when we showed up at school to see a deserted parking lot and no one in the drop off lane!!!! The janitor told us it was a snow day.

We should have turned on the TV...or checked edline.

But I'm happy anyway. A lot of our students drive 30 minutes or more to school. A lot of roads remained slick and many back roads unplowed. I don't like to see teen drivers put to the test. I have said all along we should have more snow days to keep those teen drivers safe. And I am VERY HAPPY to see that a decision along those lines was made this morning about 4:30AM. I think it was a good call. And next time I will turn on the TV or check EDLINE if there is any question at all. teehee

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