Thursday, February 10, 2011

It was 1 degree F. this morning when I left to drive the girls to school. COLD!! Very Cold!!!

For Christmas, my dear husband bought me a remote starter for my car. (Have I talked about this already?) I LOVE it!!! Started the car from inside the house 10 minutes or so before we were going to leave and we went out to a warm car. Totally cool. (No, warm :-)

Today is the Feast of St. Scholastica, Mary's Confirmation saint. (as mentioned in the previous post.) Well, in Saint Scholastica's honor, I brought Mary a milk shake at lunch time and fries for her and all her friends at the table. There's nothing like meeting your teens at the front door of their high school and seeing those ear-to-ear smiles when you're bringing a treat from McDonalds! Fun.

Took John with me to Mickey-D's. The kid really needs to eat more. He has his own apartment and is successfully living on a very strict budget. I told him I've gone back to Weight Watchers and he said, with great sincerity, that he didn't consider me overweight. What a doll. He used as his evidence that fact that his own BMI indicates that he is underweight. He, of course, thought that was ridiculous. I did not. I think he's too skinny. He agreed to go grocery shopping with me. I told him I might buy him a few things. Well, he had his own cart and was very frugally adding a few items. Then he had to take some back because he had gone over his budget. I told him to put two of the frozen pizzas in my cart. Also bought him blueberries, juices, crackers, cheese, eggs, bananas, kiwis, and who knows what else. If it was healthy, I told him I'd buy it for him. For heaven's sakes, he needs some food. He does eat dinner here at our house three nights a week when he's giving piano lessons on our piano. So he gets three good dinners a week anyway.

In spite of the cold, it was very sunny today, a truly beautiful day. Gorgeous sunrise with even a little rainbow streak, very sparkly fabulous snow everywhere. A beautiful, beautiful day in Michigan.


James Bogdan said...

Glad to know John has some food! ;)

Rosemary Bogdan said...

LOL Yes. We don't want your brother starving. :-)