Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Feeling good today! No sore muscles at all. (Maybe I didn't really exert myself as much as I was thinking. :-) Course I did stretch before and after. That does help, I know.

We probably have close to a foot of snow all together. Last night only added about 6 inches, they say, but it seems like more to me. Especially when I tried to shovel it! I lasted about 15 minutes before John relieved me. Thank you, John! That stuff was heavy!

Snow Day today! I love snow days. Everyone gets enough sleep. I'm starting to realize that getting enough sleep is really, really important to everyone's mood.

Mary and Liz shoveled our neighbor's driveway together. In spite of plenty of sleep they found quite a bit to bicker about, although it's kind of hard to tell what's really bickering and what's poking fun. Even their arguments erupt into laughter quite regularly. I love it.

Today's argument was over who was going to get to use the yellow shovel. The yellow shovel is plastic and has an ergonomic handle. The red one is old, heavy, and made of metal. It's great for scraping close to the sidewalk. Needless to say, they both really wanted the yellow one. My suggestion of taking turns seemed to go nowhere. They left still negotiating.

Since I spent some time organizing my garage yesterday Mary happened upon some sand toys as she walked through the garage. She grabbed a little yellow sand shovel, held it high, and shrieked to Liz, "You want the yellow shovel? Here's a yellow shovel!!!" The three of us died laughing. I shut door. I knew they'd work it out.... they did.


Sarah Oldham said...

They sound like a hoot! I'm always grateful when my brood take it upon themselves to work it out w/out me. ;)

Glad you entered my give-away . . . four (so far) to pick a winner from. Far less than I'm used to, but I blog very irregularly these days . . . and because I have moved far too many times, I think I've lost a few. Oh, well.

Many blessings - stay warm and safe.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Thanks, Sarah, for entering me in the drawing :-) We're just still shoveling some now. The sun is shining today. It's cold, but I'll take the sun anytime.

Granite Dining Tables said...

In your place I did not experience that snow thing. Glad we don't have that here in hour place.