Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm still alive. LOL

I'm sorry I have not been blogging. I just have honestly been too busy with other things. Still planning to get back to it.

This past weekend was Parent/Family weekend at U of M. Even though we live right here we decided to attend some of the events to support John and recognize all the work he is putting into his degree which he will finish this year!
Brunch in the Union Ballroom was very nice and brought back happy memories of just a few months ago when Zach and Anne had their wedding reception in this very room

Mary was able to attend with John her very first college football game with seats in the seventh row. And was it ever a game!! They won 67-65 in triple overtime!! It was Michigan's highest scoring game in 131 years! I was so glad they won and so happy that Mary was able to see a fantastic game.

Mary's quote of the week: "When you watch football on TV the field looks huge and the players very small. When you're right there in the stadium the field does not look that big but the players look huge." I know exactly what she means.

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Salome Ellen said...

John is graduating?!! Didn't he just start at U of M like, 15 minutes ago???!! ;-D