Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Rescue of the Miners!

I thought the rescue of the 33 miners in Chile was very inspiring.

Yesterday I watched quite a bit of the coverage. (And got a lot of laundry folded!)

I think what was really touching me was the respect for human life that the whole effort represented. I don't think anyone asked if all of these people wanted to live. I don't think anyone asked how productive they are in their lives. No. I don't think anyone questioned at all that every effort should be made to rescue these miners. The inestimable value of human life was clearly just understood.

I loved the demonstrations of faith... the miners who fell to their needs in prayer immediately upon exiting the capsule, the miner with the name of Jesus written on his sleeve, the mother who clasped a banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe to her chest and then displayed it right before embracing her son. Surely, it was the intercession of Our Lady that brought her son back to her. It seemed to me she wanted to publicly thank our Blessed Mother. (The son also fell to his knees, clearly thanking God.)

It sounded like maybe they had prayer meetings in that chamber! That word wasn't used but from what the commentators were saying that's what they sounded like! The miners had asked for Bibles to be sent down. And I don't think it was to "pass the time" as one of the newscasters suggested.

This was a miraculous rescue. I thought it looked very evident that God's protection was on these miners and that they are safe as an answer to their own prayers and the prayers of their loved ones.

May God bless every one of them and continue to protect and heal them as they recover from this experience. May His grace flood both them and their families! God is good. Always.

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Suzanne said...

Go to read the article called Out of the Depths on Catholic Exchange..more to it..the Rosary and how our Holy Father had a blessed on sent down to each one and they prayed it daily and they were rescued on the Feastday of the Miracle of the Sun! AND there was even is fascintating ..go read! :)