Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Prayer Request for Rose Beth!!!!

Rose Beth needs to come home. She is a little three year old orphaned girl who survived the earthquake in Haiti. She has a family waiting for her!!!

Cathy K. and her husband, former members of our parish, are waiting to adopt Rose Beth. The paperwork is in progress, but they are being told that the process will take two years. TWO YEARS!!!! Two years of paperwork. I know Haiti is in ruins. I know they are still experiencing horrible conditions. But don't you wonder why this process can't be expedited?

The K. family has a photo of her and are just dying to bring her home. I told Cathy I would ask for prayers that somehow she would be able to come to their family sooner. I'm hoping Cathy will email me her photo. This little girl is cute as a button. I mean, your heart just aches for her to be held by her mother.

Please, please pray that this process can be accomplished sooner and that Rose Beth will be able to go home to her mom and dad and three sisters!!! Thank you so much.


Suzanne said...

Your son may remember the musician and Prof. of Youth Ministry at Franciscan Univ. when he went to the big retreat there. The guy's name is Bob Rice. Bob and his family were able to adopt a little one from Haiti and had some trouble, but somehow things worked out and didn't take that long! He has a blog..click on Bob Rice and you can locate somewhere on there the story I feel pretty sure .. still. You might see what the problems were they encountered and how they got around that??? Anyway, it might be fun for you both to look at it and maybe find someway of contacting them and finding out anymore tid bits of info that could change something she has heard! I'll be praying! Oh, I wish we were younger..I too would want to do this. Sending money to CRS is all we've done thus far. Does she need funds to help her?

Suzanne said...


Rosemary..above link is just one part of his blog posts concerning this situation..if you or she wants to read more, go to his archives around June, 2009 and keep looking with headings about Haiti and stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rosemary!!!!!!
Bless you for the prayers and comments!!!! I would love to send a pic of Miss Rosebeth, please give me your email. I cannot click on the link as it does not work. My email is chinamomwsj@yahoo.com

thanks soooooooo much