Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Now for my brother, or "Rich and the Haunted Lighthouse"

During our vacations in northern Michigan each summer we often visit the Old Presque Isle Lighthouse.

It's an interesting old lighthouse, built in 1840.

There are fun things to do on the grounds like pumping water from a still functioning hand pump. (Liz in the picture)
Or ringing this bell on the back patio... (Monique and Mary here)

Here is my brother Rich with his two children Mitch and Monique...

As it turns our, the Old Presque Isle Lighthouse is believed by many to be haunted. Well, that's all my brother needed to hear. I don't like heights so I didn't climb up to the top. I stood at the bottom ready to take pictures as my family arrived at the top.

Soon I could see Rich in the window.

He was right next to the light here. Suddenly he jerks himself backward as though he was being pulled from behind. His own hand is pulling his face back as he opens in mouth in a feigned scream. His frame slowly starts to disappear from view as he pretends he is being pulled downward. (I am already dying from laughter.) As his face is almost gone from view he silently and desperately mouths "help!" (Now I'm looking around hoping no one is calling the police.)

His hand slowly slides down the glass, palm flattened tight against it. The hand goes up, then down, as though he is struggling. His face appears one more time, wide eyed and terrified, and then slowly and jerkily disappears from view. (I can hardly breathe I am laughing so hard.)
When he finally exits the lighthouse at the bottom he comes out staggering as though completely exhausted from this struggle. Moaning, he falls to the ground, face first and then turns over.
I don't know if you can see it in this picture but he even managed to get grass in his mouth as he lay there as though unconscious.
I was completely in tears and looking for the restroom. No one. NO ONE can make me laugh like my brother can.

If you read among the ghost stories of the Old Presque Isle Lighthouse a story about a man mysteriously attacked and dragged down the stairs.......well....you know what really happened. LOL You gotta love brothers.


Mary said...

I LOVE your family! In fact, we're havin' dinner with Mike tomorrow night =) Hurray!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

I heard, Mary. And then we will have to talk, right? Thank you for being his "South Bend family." I love it.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I have a brother JUST like that one. Gosh, they are nice to have around! He makes me PMP on a regular basis.

When I first saw those pictures I thought to myself "Hey! That lighthouse looks like the one I saw on that ghosthunters episode!" I wonder if it is that one? I think all lighthouses are kind of spooky with those windy stairs!

Suzanne said...

No one can make you laugh like your sister..now or your brother can! LOL! Funny funny story..wish I had been there!
You know me an lighthouses! I need to go read about this one for sure!
Thanks for the tip! Is this on Lake Erie?

Suzanne said...

No, I mean Lake Huron? Yes..I guess that would be it.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Laura, I bet it was the one. There seem to be a LOT of stories about this one. Suzanne, yup it's on Lake Huron. Really cool little lighthouse.

Ann Nichols said...

Lovely pictures; lovely family!
What a great brother! To make others laugh is one of the greatest gifts but tell me, did you find the restroom in time?:)
I used to spend summers on the UP with my cousins (that was 40 years ago!). Ahhh... the memories!What a beautiful place!