Monday, August 23, 2010

Next Event? Taking my youngest son to college!

This is the summer to beat all mothering summers for me.

First, Liz, my youngest, graduated from the grade school where I've spent half my time for the last 13 years or so.

Then Jim graduated from high school. And how exactly did that happen while I was looking the other way?

Then my oldest daughter was married to a wonderful young man.

Now my new son-in-law and she will be moving to the Atlanta area for the next few years!

And tomorrow I must start the drive across the country to take Jim to college.

Within a a ten day period two of my children who have never lived in another town will be living more than ten hours away. One of them will be more like 20 hours away.

September may be my month of emotional meltdown. Prayers appreciated.


Denise said...

I feel for you. Two of my children are now in Texas, a 24 hour car drive. Make use of Facebook to keep in contact and the iChat feature on your Mac when you need a face to face. Aren't you glad long distance phone calls are not the burden they once were?

Suzanne said...

Where is Jim going? I will pray for you. I've my troubles, but, I know what you are going through in my heart just thinking about it. God bless you, dear friend.

Salome Ellen said...

My "baby" flies out tomorrow (AMU in FL). May God bless us all as our nests empty out -- and show us the next things He has for us.