Thursday, May 13, 2010

No time!!!

For once in my blogging life I have LOTS to write about.....but no time to write it. Every single day there is something extra I need to do or somewhere I need to go that takes a few hours. And you know what that can do to a mom's schedule. I'm struggling to keep up on the laundry. I often have no time to make dinner. I have not been to Curves in several weeks. And you know how seldom I've been posting on this blog!

For example, this week I met with my daughter and the Banquet Manager at the Michigan Union to finalize details for the reception. This was a two hour meeting and then we met John and had lunch while talking about the plans.....lots of fun. LOTS of fun!

We also had a parish-wide baccalaureate Mass and dinner for this year's graduating seniors and their parents. Parents were asked to speak for a few minutes honoring their graduating son or daughter. This is a really nice parish tradition that means a lot to the seniors. It's an opportunity to publicly affirm them and bless them. I love it.

Tomorrow I will meet with my daughter's future mother-in-law to go over some pictures she's putting in a video for the shower she's giving.

Today I drove my son's madrigal's group to the University of Michigan hospital where they were giving a concert. Then we stopped at McDonald's on the way back to school. It's really a nice experience to drive for a high school field trip--- at least with this group of kids. You don't have to keep track of them. They know where they're supposed to be and they're there. They don't do stupid things or misbehave. They know how to be polite.

There was also an investiture Mass at the school this morning where the graduating seniors received their graduation gowns and NHS stoles.

Tomorrow Lizzie's play will open at her school.

Last night was my monthly night to feed my dear friend Deanna who is suffering from ALS.

You get the picture. A mom's schedule is full even without special events. In a week like this something has to give.

Hope you're all doing well. Hope to catch up soon.

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