Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh, man. Busy day. Only had four hours sleep last night so after getting the kids off to school I went back to bed for a while. I just had to.

Then walked the dog, did some dishes, worked on May Crowning plans for our parish, did some laundry, found an Adoration sub for my hour so I could go with daughter Anne to Jim's track meet. God bless Barb.

Heard all about Anne's trip to Atlanta, helped her do her taxes. Went to the track meet. It was freezing cold on those steel bleachers. Had fun seeing Jim run like the wind.

Ate dinner, walked the dog again....

Why is it that when I outline what I've done for a day it never looks like as much on paper as it actually felt. Maybe I'm leaving out little stuff. I don't know.

Hope your day went well. I'm off to prayer time and bed. (and maybe a little fox news :-)

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