Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's a gorgeous day here in Michigan, blue skies, sunny and warm! You gotta love it! But I am STRESSED. Taxes are not done and we're going to have to file an extension. That makes me nervous. We shouldn't owe anything, so I guess we're OK with the extension.

And we have a new tree!!! Several years ago our tree next to the street died. The city was supposed to replace it but after two years we were not optimistic. But the other day they did and here it is!

My kids are describing it as a scrawny little thing. I replied, "It's a baby tree." I think it's not bad for a newly planted tree. It's probably about eight feet tall. Not bad at all.

It's a cherry tree, a prunus sub autumnalis or autumn cherry tree. Native to Japan, it blooms in the Spring and sometimes again in the autumn! (At least that's what I'm gathering from reading about it.) I'm so excited. I lived for a school year in Japan and I fondly remember those amazing cherry blossoms. I can't wait to see it bloom!
Spring is definitely in swing here, temperatures today to reach the eighties! In typical Michigan fashion our weather now swings between quite chilly and quite warm, as though it can't decide if it should still try to be the tough winter kind or surrender to the sun :-) We know eventually it will surrender and the lovely daffodils in my yard are already counting on it.

God is good. May your day be blessed.


notjustlaura said...

My favourite perfume is Japanese Cherry Blossom. Enjoy your tree :)

Suzanne said...

Beautiful. Yes, be thankful..we did have to pay. :(

Michelle said...

With all the love you have in your home the "baby" tree is sure to grow into something to behold! God Bless!

Catholic Chicks said...