Sunday, April 04, 2010

He Is Risen Indeed!!!!

HappHappy Easter!!!

He Is Risen Indeed!!!!

We went to the Easter Vigil Mass at our parish Christ the King in Ann Arbor. Doors opened at 7:00 for the Mass starting at 8:30 pm. We arrived at 6:45 and there were already about 30 people in line. When they opened the doors we were able to get seats for our whole family, 9 of us, and within about 10 minutes all the seats were taken.

It was a wonderful Mass as the Easter vigil always is. We all love it. And to look down the pew to see ALL of my children, including my future s-i-l, worshipping together... well, for a mother, it just doesn't get much better than that.

This morning, because the weather was so lovely, we had our Easter egg hunt outdoors. Now I realize that all of my children except two are adults. All the adults had the choice of either hiding the eggs or hunting for them. They all chose to hunt. The "Alleluia Egg, " our large gold egg with "Alleluia" written all over it contained "$20.00, and they all knew this. (But I'm sure it had nothing to do with their motivation to participate in the hunt:-)

And so the hunting began.....
Most of the eggs contained candy.
Several had a $2.00 bill or a dollar coin.
Mike and I hid them pretty well, using camouflage, leaves, etc.
I told them every egg was at least partly visible from some angle, but it might not be the angle you're at when you're standing up...
It took them about a half hour and a number of hints to find the "alleluia egg." It was in the dryer vent, still slightly visible if you were at least six or more feet away. The vent is that white one underneath the window on the far right. Eventually Zach found it.
Deep in the daffodils was a great place to hide the yellow ones.

A comparison of the coins....
Then we had an early dinner.
There are several big fans of Strawberry Crush in our family.
And you have to have the delicious bubbly stuff in a champaign glass, don't you think? (This particular crystal one belonged to my grandmother.)
I guess only mothers really understand the deep, deep joy and satisfaction of having everyone at the table.
These are the most important people to me in all the world. From left to right: Liz (my youngest at 13), Jim (18), Anne and her fiance Zach, my oldest, Mike (25), Mike Sr. (hubby of almost 30 years), John(20) and Mary (15).
May the Lord bless and keep them all the days of their lives. I thank the Lord for the tremendous blessing they are to me!!

Happy Easter to you and yours!!!!!


Mum2eight said...

happy Easter to you and your family too Rosemary. Love the photos. We finally were able to get family photos taken this weekend so understand the deep joy of having everyone here.

Sarah Oldham said...

Your family is so lovely! Wonderful pictures!
Happy and blessed Easter to you all.

Jean M. Heimann said...

Happy Easter, Rosemary! I love these photos of your family -- makes me wish I were there, although we had a wonderful Easter celebration here. Thanks for sharing these!

Mimi said...

Indeed he is Risen!
And wonderful photos, and wonderful gathering around the table!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Thank you all.