Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My daughter and I returned Monday from our annual retreat to the Abbey of Gethsemane in Kentucky. It was, as always, wonderful. As Trappists, the monks observe silence most of the time. This is what is so wonderful about the retreats at Gethsemane. They are silent. Sweetly silent.

I had my own room, my own BATHROOM, my own time, my own silence. It was delightful.

A gorgeous sunset.....How good God is.

I think I have written before about how much I love to see the moon from my bed at home. Around once a month, if the sky is clear, the moon will shine into my bedroom window at home. I just love this. It gives me such peace.
Would you believe that the bed in my room at Gethsemane was right next to this window. I mean, immediately next to it. So I kept the blind open. I could hardly believe it when I lay down my first night there. Just above the top of this tree there was the moon, together with a sky full of stars. I thought to myself what were the chances that the moon would be positioned right there and that I would have this room. I fell asleep with my glasses on because I did not want to miss any clarity of the splendid glory of God that seemed to be enveloping me.

I felt like an indulged child. God is so good.


Mimi said...

I'm so glad you had a good time, it sounds wonderful!

Suzanne said...

Good post..beautiful retreat it sounds like. :) My priest, Father Don goes regularly there to visit Brother Gabriel. Do you remember me telling you about him? We also have another man from our parish who is now there and hopefully soon will become a Brother too. Did you see Brother Gabriel perhaps? Maybe not..he is such a pleasant person!