Monday, March 08, 2010

It's meeeellllllting!! Woohoo!

You all know how I have this love-hate relationship with the snow. Well, it's mostly love. But by the time March rolls around I've usually had enough. (Although snow days are always welcome :-).

It's starting to melt off the roof!! And the last few days have been well into the thirties and even entered the forties. It speaks of hope!!

On Saturday I went to the Farmers' Market in Ann Arbor and saw these lovely pansies for $5 a pot. I asked the guy, "Can these survive frosts?" They were sitting there on the concrete looking this good with the temp below freezing. He told me yes! He said they can even freeze and then they come right back. I said, "That sounds like us! Hey, anything that can bloom in this weather I have to buy."

It seemed to be happy in the sun even with the frigid temperature. Then I forgot and left them out overnight. In the morning. they looked just as good!! I love it. Here they are (above). The vendor said they are called glacial pansies (or something like that). How cool is that? I think I will bring them in at night (when I remember) until we stop dipping in to the twenties.

I love it, love it, love it. God is so good. We get a little taste of Spring to keep us patient.

By the way, I survived my falls just fine. Thank you all for your concern. I did go to my chiropractor to make sure I hadn't set myself up for future injuries. (Those of you with back or neck problems know what I'm talking about.) But I didn't mess anything up. Just shook myself up a bit. I'm watching for those slippery spots now! Stay safe!


Suzanne said...

I love the color of these..I was just thinking how I'd love to get out there and clean up the yard and go buy you and I go again...thinkin just alike! :)

Suzanne G. and Tyrone G. said...

I love the symbol of hope. And purple for lent. Good going!