Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow DAYS!!!!!!! You gotta love 'em!!

We are getting buried in snow. Well, not as bad as some parts of the country but enough to close the schools. I LOVE it. Jim received a call from someone who had his flier from last time and called to ask if he could shovel her snow. That's where he is now.

And since all the schools are closed Mike was able to drive the van to work instead of the mustang which is actually dangerous to drive in the snow. It must have all the traction of a bicycle on snow or ice. It was VERY good that Mike did not have to drive it, although if he had he might have gotten stuck before he got out of our neighborhood and then he would have had a snow day too. Still, better that he be safe.

If you're a regular reader of this blog you know how much I love snow days. Here I sit in my pajamas looking up occasionally to smile at the white stuff still coming down in earnest. It's supposed to snow all day.

At 6:00 I woke up to realize I needed to get the kids up right then. Usually I wake up a little earlier when there's a snow storm. I look out the window and make my own assessment. I watch the cars on the road behind me to see how slowly they're driving. I want to know whether to get my hopes up. Then I turn on the TV. Sometimes there are only a few closings and I know the chances are slim. Today there were hundreds it seemed. Still, you have to wait to actually see your school's name. There was the grade school! Woohooo!!!( I knew Daniel was smiling:-) Daniel is a reader of this blog and a teacher at the school.) If the high school was open both my teen driver and I would have to drive. Jim was going to a retreat today at a different location and I would have to drive Mary. There were so many closings I think it took me 5 minutes before I saw it. Sigh of relief.

Then, quietly, I opened each door. I wanted to let them know without waking them up too much, so they can experience the joy and then go back to sleep.

Softly, "Jim?"

A soft sleepy answer, "Yeah?"

"No school. It's closed."

A whispered, "Yes!"


Half moan, half "yeah?"

"No school," I whispered.

"Yes!" she moans. I can feel their smiles in the dark.



"No school. It's closed."

Bedclothes rustling. I have her attention. "REALLY??"

"Yup, go back to sleep." We're all smiling now.

I went back to sleep too as the snow continued to blanket us in a sweet peace.

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Suzanne said...

We are melting down and it wet and gooshy and gray and blah and foggy..not that white peaceful feeling at all, but we did have that.
I am sorta ready for a change. Sorta, since I know it will be awhile and its just not gonna happen cause I want it. Ha!