Thursday, February 25, 2010

President Obama's "Health Care Summit"

What is the President doing with this "health care summit?"

I will write more about this later as I watch more of it but something is really striking me.

We have a body that is given by the Constitution the authority to debate and write laws. It's called Congress. The authority of Congress is very clearly delineated. I believe the President is not even allowed to address Congress unless he is invited. Legislation is debated in Congress under strict rules of order and those who participate in the debate are elected representatives of the people. The President of the United States does not set the agenda. He does not run the debate. He is not the chairman of the discussion. In fact, he does not even participate in the discussion on the Senate or House floor.

What I'm seeing today seems very bizarre to me. Why is the President running this public debate? Public debate belongs in Congress. Congress exists for this purpose. The "summit" gives the President undue power. He is in control of the debate. All of the elected representatives of the people are not there. (Conspicuously absent is Bart Stupak, the author of the Stupac pro-life amendment!) The President is grandstanding and once again assuming unto his office authority that is not given it in the Constitution. I'm thinking the republicans should have made a public statement to this effect and refused to attend.


Suzanne said...

You are one smart lady to put this together. I didn't think of this, but the truth is, I think you have it very right. The part that you point out that he is not really allowed to address Congress unless he is invited makes this all smell really badly. So, he comes up with a "summit" meeting ..another backdoor way to get what he wants?
Wow, Rosemary. Why don't you run for Congress or something? I'm not kidding...
Well, guess we'll hear about this all night. I was volunteering at the hospital today so I don't much yet, but I'll be listening.
I tell you what though, I was putting surgical supplies away. I couldn't find a "home" for a particular box it was a small box..the head of surgical supply asked me to guess what it was that box (something to do with bone) and I said I had no idea. He said it would make a great downpayment on a car! How about $5,000. Oh my Lord! Then he told me to put it in this plastic box and there were two others in there and then he added up what that box with the other items was probably worth..just a med lg. plastic storage about $40,000! Its just ridiculous, isn't it? Then he told me that the mark up must be unbelieveable because he said he talks to the vendors and talks them down around $1,000 on that one item off and on.
He said if you can do that on this item, can yu imagine the mark up? I said probably anywhere from 75 -100%..I'll bet! Its just awful...although this was another subject altogether, it was just on my mind for some reason to share.
Take care, Rosemary ..oh and how are you feeling?

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Thank you, Suzanne. Yup. He's manipulating and grabbing for power I think. I' don't trust him. Medical stuff. I know! The expense is unbelievable.
And I'm fine! A little less sore than yesterday. God is good!

Suzanne said...

Did you read what is going concerning blood tests with UKOK across the pond? Perfect example of the mess people will be up against.
Very frustrating for her and I got nasty, I admit...on her comment box..sorry, but grr..

Lynz said...

I agree very much with you, Rosemary. I start shaking when I see things he is doing.

nitrile gloves said...

That's right, he is shoving a health care bill down our throats that would give hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to the private health insurance industry in the form of subsidies, and force millions of uninsured Americans to buy insurers' defective products.

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Suzanne G. and Tyrone G. said...

Having had a classmate who was diagnosed with testicular cancer only months after graduation from music school, I am very sensitive to this issue. As a musician in my 20s and 30s, health insurance was something I had to buy on my own, and I did. If I had actually used my insurance, it would have been cancelled. Luckily, I was well. The policy renewed every 6 months. If I had an illness in month 5, I would have had the policy cancelled the next month because of a pre-existing condition. My classmate was $100,000 in debt and I think he declared bankruptcy. That means that you all payed for his cancer with $5 q-tips etc. WE NEED REFORM.

Let us assume the image of God in everyone in Washington. Yes, it gets muddy, but it's always there. President Obama is not evil, neither are those in congress. They need to be lead to the truth with love and strength.

We have a wonderful opening in the recent Supreme Court case whereby corporations are considered "persons" under our Constitution. President Obama is outraged by this. He should be. We all should be. Now we must change the constitution to declare WHO IS A PERSON IN THE UNITED STATES!!!! Do you see what this means? It means that personhood will need to be defined. This is the biggest opening for the pro-life movement in decades. If we can get wording like "heartbeat" or similar, we can declare the unborn as people and strip AIG and other corporations of their personhood.

There is a way to get concensus on health care and civil rights. If Saint Paul and Saint Augustine can convert, Obama is certainly possible.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Suzanne and Tyrone, thank you for visiting my blog. I totally agree with you that we must do something for people who cannot buy insurance, either because of pre-existing conditions or cost. But to be fair to the insurance companies I think it should be pointed out that once a claim for a particular condition is filed (say in month 5 of your 6 month policy) the insurance company must pay for all claims on that condition. They could cancel you after all bills related to that claim were paid, but not before. That's under current law. Still, I agree, we need reform.

And certainly, no one knows what is in the hearts of those in Washington. Are those in Washington evil? Only God knows. No one can say that they are OR that they are NOT.

We do know that the President has lied about not wanting abortion to be paid for in the health care bill and about who he would not raise taxes on to pay for his bill. We do know he has lied. There also seems to be no other explanation for his "health care summit" than the manipulation of public opinion. He has shown no interest in republican ideas either before or since. And there are LOTS of republican ideas out there. those who say there are not are also being dishonest.

Could Obama convert? Of course!! And we should be praying that he does as that is surely the Lord's will. God bless!

Tyrone & Suzanne said...

Thanks for your kind reply. I actually don't believe that Obama is staunchly pro abortion funding. The parties have become so entrenched that only the radicals on each side are being heard. The Catholic Bishops are Obama's greatest ally in that they want a fair bill past more than any other lobby. The abortion issue should be negotiable to Obama. I think the Bishops need to dig in their heels and simply state the truth over and over again.

Congressional districts need to be redrawn so that they have more straight lines. That way they will all become more moderate and we can get something done.

I live in Massachusetts. We have a new moderate republican senator. He was elected because people had the power to organize and because the whole state was one district.

I truly believe that we will either become fair and loving as a nation or become just another country and lose our power.