Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life doesn't always go as planned.

OK. Enough about the beautiful snow and the lovely poem by Thomas Hardy.

I woke up this morning to see a quiet, peaceful snow coming down. When the kids left for school and after my prayer time I thought, "I'll go for a long walk with Lucky. As long as she doesn't get too cold we'll make it extra long. The snow was so amazing looking I even took my camera, sure there would be a shot I just couldn't resist.

Four doors down from my house I see Lucky slip completely off her feet on the ice that was apparently under the snow. Three seconds later I slipped on it too but was able to catch myself. I thought, "Boy, that was my warning. I better be careful."

We crossed the street and passed two more houses before I wiped out completely. I wasn't hurt though a little shaken. Laughing, I said out loud to Lucky, "Well, maybe we won't go for an extra long walk. How 'bout we just try to make it around the block and home."

So I walked a little more carefully, occasionally aware of ice under the snow. About two thirds of the way around the big block I found myself suddenly on the sidewalk, legs twisted under me, my arm somehow behind me, smacked against the pavement and REALLY hurting. My first thought, "Did I break my arm?' It hurt so much. I moved it around, tried all the joints and thought. OK. Not broken. But it hurt so much and I felt so traumatized and shaken I was nearly in tears. At this point I was actually a little scared about the rest of the way home.

The pain greatly decreased after the first five minutes. I think I'm all right but I'm sitting here drinking coffee and taking three motrin. Who knows what I've pulled. I'll find out tomorrow, right? I'll be fine....although this left arm is definitely sore. I'm 55 years old. You get the picture. Falls are not so funny at my age.

Sheesh. OK. The snow's pretty. Lovely landscape. But at the moment I'm very happy to be enjoying it from my window with no broken bones, thanks be to God. Maybe I wouldn't miss the snow if I lived in a warm climate. Maybe not so much :-)


Suzanne said...

Oh! Poor Rosemary! I'm so sorry...three times! Wow..connection with Jesus' walk to the cross. I'm not trying to be silly..that did just hit me though.
Anyway, glad you are okay, dear..or hope so, anyway. The other day, (even after putting down salt) I walk a little too fast down our porch steps and whoosh down I went on my hands and knees and the side of my face came close to a good scraping, but didn't. It does hurt at our age!
It also shakes you up..just as you described!
I love the snow, don't get me wrong, but you remember that beach you went to not long ago..down south ..yeah..that one...that's where I'd rather be at our age. Sigh. ;) Hugs.

Mimi said...

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Jean M. Heimann said...

Oh, dear, I am so sorry to hear this. You poor thing! :(

After icing down any bruises or swelling for 24 hours, have a nice long soak in a warm bath with epsom or sea salts and see a chiropractor and a massage therapist if you continue to ache.

I had some nasty falls on the ice when we lived in IL, which have had some ill effects and can relate to your pain.

Take care, Rosemary. (((Hugs)))

Nancy Carabio Belanger said...

Ouch! I hope you feel better soon.

You do take such nice pictures!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Suzanne, I'm glad you're OK too! My goodness. Yeah, that beach. Give me the beach! (even in the rain:-)

Thank you for the empathy, Mimi, :-)

Jean, good advice. I will see my chiropractor too.

Nancy, thank you so much.

Maryellen said...

Oh Rosemary
I just got around to reading this. OUCH

If that had been me, I'd be first in line at the Chiropractor the next morning just to be safe.

I fell in our side yard in January (out taking pictures!) but my guardian Angel caught me. I went down light as a up and went immediately back into the house.

Please take care! There's a lot of things we gals should not do past age 50. I hope you're okay now.