Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Well, my children's school is shut down for the week because of "widespread flu-like symptoms." Thirty percent of the school was out. Some classes only had 50 % attendance. Looked like Liz was going to have a fun week until, the very next day, she came down with the symptoms too. So far so good, though. We're taking Airborne (including Liz). Fever is down this morning and so far no one else is sick, although I feel like I might be fighting it. Go immune system go.

I'm glad the school made this decision, even though it's the last week of the quarter. For heaven's sakes, the health of the kids is more important than keeping to the schedule. I applaud their priorities.

My oldest two children (adults) are in France!! My grandfather was a French immigrant and they have long wanted to visit France. I'm so excited for them. We have distant relatives there and they hope to visit them along with Lourdes, Paris, and a number of other places. Ten days in France!

Well, hope you all are healthy or trying to stay so. Winter approaches here. We could get snow today. It's the beginning of the sniffles (and worse) season. Take care.


Anonymous said...

I hope you're all well again too.

Sarah - Kala said...

It's only 7:53 am here, so when I pray my morning prayers, I'll keep you all in my prayers (those who are sick, those who are not, and those who are traveling). God bless!

Mimi said...

What fun travels! I'm trying to not be jealous.
They have my prayers, as do you on the homefront.

Suzanne said...

Prayers for all! We have some flu here too..we also take Airborne! I've been using it about twice a day and just taking it easy ..staying home as much as I can. Teresa, Maria, Jordan (grandson) has had it.
Crista and Shane have had some version of something..but no fever or aches...some headache though.

Anonymous said...

Well - maybe we ought to skeedaddle out of Lansing from the sounds of it! Yeah, we're here! We're at the Radisson downtown and heading out tomorrow morning some time. Heading to Minneapolis. Thought I'd say, "Hello neighbor!" Hope all feel better soon!
Glad I bought Purell along!


Nancy Carabio Belanger said...

Oh, sorry Rosemary! Yuck. Am praying it doesn't hit over here...but I am bracing myself! Hope Liz is on the mend soon and you don't get it!

Chris Miles said...

I'm sorry. That's no fun. We've been taking Airborne as well. It seems to help quite a bit. Half of Josh's class has been out with the flu as well, but we're still going.

Prayers for a speedy recovery!

Suzanne said...

How are you all today? Things any better? I've got a sicky home today with sinusitis and ear infection...he went running too much when he was getting it last week...doesn't sometimes listen to momma.