Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Those Prolific Snapdragons!!! The volunteers!!

Some of you are probably thinking, "Oh no, she's going to go on and on about those snapdragons again."'re right. Consider yourself warned.

I love these things!!! From the time they started growing out of the rock (pictured above) until they reseeded themselves the next year and started growing again around the rock....(pictured below) I have loved these little snapdragons.

Here they are, hanging on in the freezing cold of last year.....

And here they are again this year, after a couple of light frosts, still going strong and even having migrated to several parts of the garden.

On the far right there is another bunch growing against the wall, about three feet away from the first bunch. There is another one seemingly randomly having placed itself next to the sidewalk.

Here is another in the middle of the alyssum.

Here and there, on both sides of the walkway these little flowers continue to flourish, all on a "volunteer basis." My friend Patti used that expression the other day for flowers that have reseeded themselves and delight us without any work on our part. I like it.

They are the little volunteers. After all, this is how most of nature reproduces itself. I should not be surprised how it happens in my garden too.

Not surprised, but delighted nonetheless. God is good. Always.


Sarah - Kala said...

They're beautiful! My mum used the expression "volunteers" as well. It's an adorable expression.

Mimi said...

I love them!

SCJM said...

Hello Friends congratulate them on their blog and I hope to have the opportunity to visit ours when you have time, our blog's mission is to comfort those who suffer and today is a brief biography of St. Philomena.

For now we are his followers and we will be watching their publications.


Ruthann Zaroff said...

I might come and "steal" one or two to get the seeds -- they are so pretty and hardy!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Sarah, thanks. I didn't know it was an old expression.
Me too, Mimi.
Ruthann, you come on over!! If I'm not here just help yourself. They're along the front walk.