Monday, October 19, 2009

Stadium Cleanup---brrrrrr

Yup, we cleaned the Michigan Stadium again this past week.

This time we did it with only 216 people or so. Usually we have between 300 and 400.

Fortunately, there was not as much garbage. The game was not one of the high profile games and I guess attendance was down. Or maybe it was so obvious Michigan was going to win that people left before they had finished eating. Also, it was so cold that there were fewer cold drink cups and water bottles.

Perhaps you're wondering why you are seeing pictures of a sauna in this post about cleaning the stadium. We have a sauna in our basement. My husband built it some time ago and it's great when you're feeling cold. (It's great anytime, really.)

And we were SO COLD when we got home. It was about 35 degrees out which was OK while you're working hard in the sun.

But after was really cold.

I usually where a swim suit or towel wrap in the sauna. But today? Today Liz and I were so chilled we called home to ask that it be turned on in advance. When we got home we went directly in there.

Nice! I love that heat, especially when I'm feeling really chilled. It's still early in the winter season. We're getting cold more easily than we will later in the year.

Anyway, we were able to warm up nicely. Then we took HOT showers. (We never shower before stadium clean-up. You have to get that garbage feel off you when you get home.)

Can you tell that cleaning the stadium is not something that comes naturally to me? Teehee. A little recovery time helps a lot.


Suzanne said...

Oh! Poor Rosemary! You looked so pooped out! Well, you look relaxed too! ;) Man, I gotta tell you, you are one strong gal for helpin out with all of that! Whew-wee!
What a nice idea ..your hubby building the sauna!
I'll have to tell Karen to get Rich busy building one of those before she moves up there! Ha! She'll love this..when I tell her that!
She hasn't found a church yet she is happy with, so she said that they are going to look into your parish. She also said she is going to be sending her children to one of those first two very orthodox schools you mentioned. She loved the one she chose, but I couldn't tell you which one offhand. Anyway, don't think they've chosen a home,but an area..they want to rent for awhile till they see how this economy thing is going to go concerning his job. He is a "speaker" engineer and as we both know, the good ones are kind of luxury item, but he will be traveling to other countries, as well, so its not just a USA job. We'll fill you in as I learn more. :) Take care you hard workin woman! Ha!

Kitchen Madonna said...

Smart husband! Smart Rosemary for marrying smart husband!

Pat said...

Now that I know about that sauna, you may be getting Sunday morning company! Ha ha.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

I'm happy Karen will come check out Christ the King. Please tell her to call with any questions or if she wants to meet at Mass. Glad things are working out for her.
KM, yeah, it was a good move :-)
Pat, you can come anytime!! That would be fun.