Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Talk about house cleaning.....we clean the big one.

We clean the fourth largest stadium in the world. Until 2008 it was the largest football stadium in the U.S. (Then we had to eliminate over 1000 seats to accommodate some handicapped seating.)

Yup. After every University of Michigan home football game the families of my children's high school clean the stadium. The school is reimbursed nicely for it and it is a major source of support for our athletic programs.

It's full of garbage. I'm not kidding. Apparently, no one picks up after themselves anymore.

This stadium is huge. It seats over 100,000 people. I think maybe two of them throw out their own cups and nacho trays. LOL Maybe three?

I used to grumble about this job quite a lot. Internally, mind you. In my thoughts. This is gross. I don't like it. It's hard. I'm old. And so on. You know what? That didn't make it any easier.

It's actually a very good workout. We rake, yes, RAKE out the garbage from each row, separating the water bottles for recycling. Then we scoop/ pickup/ sweep the stuff into giant garbage bags.

When my kids complain, "WHY do we have to do this," I tell them why. (School obligation, raising money for the athletics programs, etc.) They usually say, "But it's so disgusting picking up garbage!" I tell them the same thing I have told myself.

"Are you too good to pick up garbage? Do you think this is work beneath you? Don't you also make garbage? Why should other people have to pick up garbage and not you?" It is good exercise physically and it's a great exercise in humility!! It gives us something to offer to the Lord. (I find it also helps to not really think about what you're doing. Just do it. You know? Just pick the stuff up and get it done quickly. And don't, don't complain in your heart. That only makes it worse.) It also helps to be really friendly and kind to all the other families working.

Usually we have several hundred people working on this job, maybe 6-8 people per section. And the sections are big! No one is finished until we're all finished. Boy does it feel good to look back and see that section all cleaned up.

When we're done, we have Mass said in the stadium by our chaplain and THEN....coffee and donuts.

And you know what? When my family goes to the movies or an athletic event, we pick up our own garbage. Otherwise, someone else will have to.

Yup. We clean house. What in Ann Arbor we call THE BIG HOUSE. And it is!


Suzanne said...

I thought you all did this before..seems I recall you telling us this. WHOA!!!
Rosemary, I think my very good friend may be moving near you. I have to find out the name of the town, but I thought she said next to Ann Arbor. I'll let you know...if that is the case, I know I'll have to meet you. When they move up there, I fully intend to go and visit them..we've been like family for years! Anyway, I'll check into it. She is staying here in Indiana for the school year because she already promised to teach at a little Catholic school for the year and well, its a long story, but just wanted to share that..we'll see! :)

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Oh no. I knew this would happen. I bet I'm repeating myself on my blog. I've probably written about this four times already. LOL Yes, we have done it for many years! Let's see. Probably ten years. But I know I've never taken pictures before.
Your friend...is she moving to Ypsilanti (which is right nest to Ann Arbor)? Or Saline? or Dexter maybe? or Milan? These are all close to us. I can't wait to hear. We HAVE to meet.

Valerie said...

Rosemary - That is totally amazing. I love your reply to the kids (and yourself) about the value of doing this kind of work and that complaining doesn't do anything for the heart. I'm still a die-hard Michigan fan even though we have lived in Ohio for over 25 years - so now everytime I watch a Michigan game, I shall think of you and your school.

Suzanne said...

Novi, Rosemary! Karen just told me she thinks she is about 30 minutes from you!! :) I'm so excited!
At one time, she thought she was going to move to Canada..very close to Alexa. I was going to try to connect the two, because Karen is so nice and easy going and I just knew they'd hit it off. I just know you have to meet her too! You'd love her as I do and so I am happy that maybe there is a Catholic girlfriend for her already there! She has 7 boys! The oldest two are married. The next one is a single college fella at IU and works here..those others do live here too. She has a son who just entered seminary up at Brute in Indy. Three fella will be moving up to Michigan. They are younger, but some of the best behaved little boys you'd ever meet! So...I am excited..now, I feel more sure I'll get to meet you too! We are so close that we may very well vacation around the area too and that would mean maybe seeing you more than once ....who knows? Well, gotta get off to go to Mass here now, but I couldn't wait to tell you!

Suzanne said...

PS Rosemary...as you say..GOD IS GOOD! I have goosebumps!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Suzanne, yes, Novi is about thirty minutes from here. An easy drive! As you probably know, Michigan is very beautiful (especially in the Fall) There are lots of places you could visit on a vacation! Has she bought a house in Novi? Does she home school or is she looking for a school? A parish?

Suzanne said...

Rosemary, Next week her husband, Rich, has asked her to come to look for their house. I don't think she has a parish yet. He just got there and is in an apt. for now, so not sure about that part. She is getting her computer hook up next week at her apt. up in Greenwood here and when she does, I think you may be hearing from her on your blog. I am very happy about all of this. I care about her so much and want her to know she has someone close by that thinks like we do! :) She is not a buggy person..she is a very family oriented woman and has good discipline..running her home and family like you is top priority.
She is friendly though and very down to earth and easy easy to talk with. I know you two will like each other...if you don't, I will be very very surprised. Still, its up to you two if you connect in time, but I just have a feelin. :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting. How long does it take to clean that stadium? How many people work to clean it?

Nancy Carabio Belanger said...

What beautiful lessons you are teaching your kids!

Lynz said...

That is inspiring! And a very good lesson to learn! I think it is good to teach humility that way... plus responsibility and respect. It does bother me that so many don't clean up after themselves. Reminds me to be more vigilant when I'm out to make sure I pick everything up.

Thank you, Rosemary!