Friday, September 04, 2009

Morbity Warning-- Don't read if cemeteries freak you out....

I did go to see my mother's crypt yesterday as I said. Interestingly, my mother never wanted to be put in a mausoleum. She told my dad she wanted to be buried in the ground. My dad, however, wanted very much to NOT be buried in the ground. And they wanted to be laid to rest together. So....Mom died first and Dad put her in a mausoleum where now he is also laid to rest.

Even though it wasn't what she had said she wanted I figured she surely doesn't care now. After all, she is not in her body and I'm sure she would have wanted my dad to do what was easiest for him.

It is really a lovely place as you can see in the photo below. And because it's indoors it is very easy to visit in all kinds of weather.

And I KNOW my mother would have loved how very, very Catholic it is. The photo below is what you see upon first entering..

Across the street from the cemetery there is a little mom and pop type flower shop with very reasonably priced flowers. It is so convenient. They really do provide a service to those coming to honor the dead. I bought these white roses there. As you enter the mausoleum on the left is the room you see pictured below. The cabinets have clean, empty vases which we are free to use. There are clippers and a sink so you can arrange your flowers right there! It's really quite nice.

There was no one around yesterday. Just two employees whom I rarely saw. The entire building is marble I think, although the main hallways are carpeted. It was SO quiet. This stained glass window is in the alcove where my parents are laid to rest. I love it.

Here is the entire room. On the right, on the floor you can see the white roses I brought. My parents crypt is even with the floor. I like that because I can put flowers right in front of their names. There are crypts that go all the way to the ceiling. I sat on the bench and said the rosary in the still, still quiet.

On the way out, I "happened" to notice stained glass windows of two of my mother's favorite saints.... St. Francis ( Mom was a secular Franciscan).
And St. Therese....

A place in a mausoleum like this is a lot more expensive than being buried in the ground, but maybe not as much as you would think. I find it a lovely place, a very peaceful and comfortable place to visit. And the stained glass is very inspiring. My father liked it when he chose it for my mother. I did go with him many times to visit her "grave." I feel quite certain that my mother finds it beautiful too. Although I can also hear her chuckling and saying, "He always did have to have his own way." teehee


Nancy Carabio Belanger said...

It looks like a very peaceful and spiritual place, Rosemary. I like the stained-glass window of St. Therese.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Nancy, yes, I love that stained glass window too. the place is actually full of stained glass windows--very reverent. I had never actually noticed that these two favorite saints of my mother's were so close to her.

Kalona said...

What a lovely place, Rosemary. On the same day you visited your mother, I was visiting my father's grave in Oklahoma. May they both rest in peace.