Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Adoration in our High School!

Oh my goodness! Fall busyness has really set in.

I have two children in our local Catholic high school and I'm trying to fill in the schedule for Adoration every Friday. What a blessing it is to be before the exposed Blessed Sacrament praying for the school, staff, students, and families of this school. It's a lot of work though to keep everyone informed and the schedule updated. We ask people to sign up for a weekly hour or a monthly hour in order to make it do-able for as many people as possible, and also to fill the slots. Would you pray that we can fill all the slots to keep this going?

And if, by chance, you are a parent or alumni or friend of this school, maybe you would like to sigh-up? It's the perfect situation for a mom to do adoration. When the school is closed, it's called off. Vacations, snow days, adoration.

You get to adore Jesus in person and also get into your child's school and stay connected with it. And what a blessing it is to see the numerous kids who come into the chapel between classes and at lunchtime. They don't even have time to take a seat. They come in about 20 feet, kneel on the floor and bow their heads, say some little prayer, and then they're out of there. May God bless them all and hear their prayers.

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Suzanne said...

WONDERFUL!!! YES! Praise be to Jesus! Doesn't this just make Our Mother smile! :)