Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yikes! A Spam blog?


What a relief.  I can post again.  

Yesterday I received an email from Blogger saying my blog had been locked because it was identified as a possible "spam blog!"  I had to "appeal for a review" online, which I did.  I must say Blogger did attend to it quickly.  I was only down for about 24 hours.

It said if they didn't hear from me in 20 days my blog would be deleted!  Whoa!  That got my attention.  There are a lot of things I've written about that I want to remember.  You know, posts that are really journal entries of the life of my family.  Has anyone ever printed out their whole blog?  Can you do that?  I wouldn't want to print out the color template with every page.  If I did it at home, that would be a lot of ink.

Has anyone printed out their blog or know someone who has?


Denise said...

I usually write my blog posts in either text-edit or Microsoft Word and then save them to my hard drive. I copy and paste the text to the Blogger template. That way I have copies of much of what I write. What I end up missing will be the links to other articles.

Did you find out why you got labeled as spam? I have a commenter who reads both my blog and my site and seems to have nothing better to do than leave personal insults on both of them. I could see him reporting my blog as spam. Glad it all worked out! I would miss your blog!

Teresa said...
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Suzanne said...

There is alot of talk going on about Big Brother messing with the internet lately with regards to YouTube, etc. I have no doubt that this is probably something of what may have went on here..I'm sorry, but that is what I am coming to believe. Your blog title is a big red flag for the creep, as we know.
I am thankful for now that your blog is back and all I can say is we pray and keep onward little but strong lady..Soldier of Jesus Christ!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

I hadn't thought of 'losing' my blogs before. But you've prompted me to think about how I might back it up.

Mimi said...

There's a way to print your blog in a book format - I need to research it, as like you, my blog is in many ways my journal. I use it for scrapbooking layouts (remembering what I was thinking at the time it happened) but I'd be devestated if I lost mine.

I think it is called Blurb.

Sarah - Kala said...

I think if you go to Allison's blog (Totuus Tuus) you can get info. on making your blog a book . . . she mentioned it last year and could point you in a direction . . . I want to do that in October when my first year is done.

Karen said...

I got this message once too. Spam? Hardly. I've thought about trying to make a hard copy of our blog too, but 4 years of regular posting would be voluminous, to say the least! Mitzel Musings - I think I'll check out Totuus Tuus and see what I find :) Glad to have found your blog! - Mitzels

Aussie Therese said...

oh what an awful scare that must have been for you.

I use to keep copies of all my blog posts and I would be really upset if something happened to them and I couldn't ever read them again.

It is possible to get the last three months in a reader or something like that.

If something happened to my blog, I would put the address into my reader and see what I could salvage.

Lynz said...

Wow, that is scary. I do want to publish my blog somehow... it's my journal.