Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our trip to Northern Michigan

This is where we were in Northern Michigan.  It's a lovely group of simple cottages in a quiet, peaceful place.  My dear friend, Ann, (one of the owners) is pictured here at the entrance.

 On our first day we went to Mackinac Island, a lovely, picturesque island in the Straits of Mackinac (between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan.) Cars are not allowed on Mackinac, only horse drawn vehicles and bikes.  Tandems are always a fun choice for rental.

In the past, we have biked around the perimeter of the island, along the shoreline.  It's a gorgeous route all the way around and completely flat so an easy ride.  This time some adventurers wanted to ride across the middle of the island.  We all agreed but found out that across the island is a MUCH tougher ride-- all uphill on one side and and all downhill on the other.  Below is pictured the view from on top.
OK.  Photos are out of order.  You have to take a ferry to Mackinac and below are some of the kids on the ferry ride.

I rode a tandem with my nephew and Godson Mitch!  I must confess I was a little hesitant to be on the back when I realized what our ride was going to be like (especially the downhill part).  But 14-year old Mitch was a pro at controlling that thing, speeding downhill but making a smooth stop, weaving in between people, with his superior reflexes, eyesight, and intuition.  It was a great ride!

Mike and I at a scenic overlook.  We really appreciated the water which was free with the rental!

Jim... deep in thought.....:-)

On other days we visited lighthouses...
celebrated our two mid August birthdays.....16yo Monique in the middle and 13yo Liz on the right.  Sweet Mary on the left.
The kids swam a lot and had fun trying to push each other off the raft.  Here both Monique and Mary are trying to push Liz off and they were repeatedly unsuccessful!!!!  Liz is strong.

One of the most wonderful things about Lorien is that it is only advertised by word-of mouth.   We usually know at least half the people there when we arrive.  There are nearly always other kids that my children already know before they get there.  Below is a volleyball game of almost all the young people there.  I think there was a good 13 year age difference between the oldest and youngest, but all were welcome to play and all were having a great time.

We brought our hammock from home and I must say it was almost always occupied.
This is a photo of the moon rising.  The picture doesn't really do it justice.  It was the most amazing pinkish color.  So beautiful.

I know there are at least several people who read this blog who have been to Lorien many times, and at least one who was there with us!!   (Feel free to add your two cents:-)  Others who may want to know how to contact Lorien about rental information feel free to email me.

It was a blessed time.


catholicconvert said...

lovely pictures, Rosemary. Glad you had such a fab time :-)

Sarah - Kala said...

Looks like a wonderful place. Is Lorien named for the Lord of the Rings? Just curious.

Great pictures!! You are definitely not a control freak sitting on the back of that bike!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Thanks, Deb.
Sarah, it was indeed an exercise in surrender but he it was clear early on that he was better in that position than I would be. Yes, I understand the original owner named it for Lothlorien from Lord of the Rings.

Liz said...

I live on Mackinac year-round. I'm glad you had a good trip while visiting the island.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Liz, how wonderful! You must love it. Have you lived there long?

Mimi said...

I've always heard about Macinac Island, but never seen such beautiful photos! Thank you!

Catholic Wife and Mother said...

I was going to ask the Lothlorien question. My LOTR-geek family members (I say affectionately) would want to stay there, just based on that! :-)

Pat said...

Great pix, Rose. What a wonderful week we had! It really is Lorien to me--so restful and refreshing. I was happy to share it with your family and all of the others there. Pat

Suzanne said...

I too have heard of this beauty.
The photos you share are like receiving many postcards!

EbethW said...

Hi Rosemary, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your pictures. With no vacation on the horizon for the 'Pillars' household, I can at least enjoy other's vacations.