Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wisdom Teeth update

The guys are doing pretty well.  They're just starting to eat a little cottage cheese, milk shakes, some ice cream, smoothies.  Nothing much more solid than that.

Jim had a lot of trouble with nausea and vomiting from the drugs used for sedation.  We eventually had to have a prescription called in for him for an anti-nausea drug.  

Neither guys have needed the pain meds, accept for  a little Motrin.

Still using the ice packs.

Jim, in an act of heroism (:-), actually went over to the swim meet and swam a 50 yard freestyle for the team in order to qualify for championships.  Then he came right home and went back to bed.  I think the coach really appreciated it.

Hope they'll continue to improve without complications.....  thanks for prayers!


Suzanne said...

Glad to hear they are almost up and at em! ;)

Lynz said...

What a trooper! I'm glad they're doing well. I pray they continue to get better quickly!