Thursday, July 09, 2009

Local Produce-- Really Local Produce!

My oldest has been talking to me about buying local produce.  It supports the local economy, fosters community.  It's know, all the good reasons.  So I've been meaning to go to our local farmers' market to take advantage of all this good stuff.  

I love to garden and I love fresh produce, especially right out of the garden.   But I am a mediocre gardener.  I usually plant a few tomato plants and maybe a couple other vegetables.  The rest are flowers.

For years I have admired a garden I pass on my way out of our neighborhood.  It's most of the yard, lots of vegetables and some flowers too.  It's obvious that this gardener spends a LOT of time on his garden.  It's organized, tidy, free of weeds, planted early and throughout the summer.   Imagine my delight while walking by it the other day to see a small sign saying to leave your name and number in the box if you'd like to buy some of his organic produce.

Woohoo!!!!  Would I ever!  I went over there yesterday and bought some really delicious produce.  I'll be by next week too, for sure!

Then I called my son and told him I had bought some produce that is even more local than the Farmers' Market.  It's right in my neighborhood.  He picked it off the plant while I was there!!

Loved it.  What a blessing.  


Sarah said...

I found a farmers market a few blocks away - in the middle of Honolulu. Interesting. I need to pop down there soon. I want to buy it there and check out the prices etc. After all, it is within walking distance.

I need to go to the DOLE factory/fields tour as well. Did you know they teach you how to properly cut a pineapple? i need the lesson - and in person - to learn it so I can start buying them whole.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Sarah, nice. This one is walking distance too. The Dole factory tour should be interesting. I bet you have the best pineapple in the world in HI.

Mimi said...

Whooot! That's awesome.

I've been to a Farmer's Market in Kona, Sarah. It was fantastic (fresh mangos. Yum)