Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ironing-- I love my sister!

Pictured below is my sister and my daughter.  My sister is on the left.

I don't iron much.  Really, I only iron dress clothes that are badly wrinkled.

Lately I've wondered if maybe my standards are a little too low.  I have a friend who irons everything, even t-shirts.

I asked my sister while she was here if she thought a particular shirt of mine was too wrinkled.  She said, "No.....but I don't iron anything."

"Nothing?  Not anything, ever?"  I asked.

"Nothing,"  she said.  "In fact when my kids were little when they were shown a picture of an iron they didn't know what it was."

 I wore the slightly wrinkled shirt.

I love my sister.  


Anonymous said...

I only iron my sons school uniform and occasionally a shirt for myself, the rest i just don;t bother. Life is too short for ironing underpants!

Mimi said...

Bwahahahahahahah! I only iron on a need by need basis.

When my youngest was little, we lived in a house with only wood and vinyl floors, and when I took out the vacuum cleaner at church for my turn cleaning, he totally panicked - he had no idea what that machine was.

Sarah said...

Yes, I iron on an as needs basis. I need to iron three of my tops, but keep finding reasons not to. :) My HI tops are made of rayon . . . need ironing. I figured it is a sacrifice I can make to wear pretty shirts once in a while.

Suzanne said...

Oh gosh..golly..bill!!!!!!
Thank you for bringing up ironing!
I mostly iron dress clothes too and clearly need to put up a rope in my laundry room so I can hang up things and that would prevent some ironing.
I love ironing, though, my mom bought me the first iron I ever had for a bridal shower gift. Now, why do I like it..I like it because I pray when I do it, I think when I do it, I hope while I do it, and I love to watch wrinkles go away, like the water washing the seashore and kind of cleansing the sand off for a moment when the tide is up...but for now..for now...I must go iron the linens for the altar! I am sacristan this month and I've got some catching up to do! Oh wow..thanks again! Suz
PS I mostly like to iron flat items..like the linens though..just so you don't think I'm a complete weirdo..no..I have several sorta wrinkled things I wear too! :)

Nancy Carabio Belanger said...

Ah yes, ironing! Not my favorite thing to do, but when I open my closet and find all of my nicely ironed clothes, well...

But doing it? Ugh!

I just love your blog, Rosemary!

Lynz said...

Iron? What's that? Like the mineral, right?

Oh! That thing! My husband irons his own shirts for work.

I had advice for my bridal shower. Never iron your husband's clothes... he'll start to expect it. I never do it, unless he is really late and needs a wrinkle free shirt. I iron nothing for myself. If it needs ironing, it is given away.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

I am so enjoying these comments on ironing. I must say that while I do some ironing I am most sympathetic with the non-ironing positions. However, Suzanne really has a nice take on ironing. Now that's a great way to think while ironing. Love it.

Suzanne said...

":) I'm off to ironing very soon! I found out I still had some time for the Mass linens, so I'm starting today. Maybe I'll pray my rosary during this process..Lord knows my family and I need it!