Friday, July 10, 2009

Doing laundry.  Lots of it.  The girls are going to an awesome Christian camp on Sunday.

Picking up Jim and two nephews at the Boys Camp tomorrow.  First taking the girls to an hour of their swim meet...

Taking Liz to a dive meet today at 4:00(which we forgot about).  Also forgot to take her to the practice yesterday.

Took Mary to a friend's house.

Have to get to Target to buy little shampoo bottles for taking to camp.

My sister will be back today from visiting our brother in Lansing.  Not sure what time.

Mailed a book for Jim.  (He's selling books online to make a little extra money.)

Really need to get in a prayer time.

Need to plan dinner and get some more produce.

Really need that prayer time.

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Suzanne said...

Me too, Rosemary....REALLY need that prayer time, so I'm just about to go and do that. :) I just wrote a post and mainly wanted to tell you that I'm trying to write again..I had not realized how long it had been. Visit with you later. :) Suz